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Libro (2023)

Bianchi, E.C.; Vazquez-Burguete, J.L.; Galan-Ladero, M.M.; Lanero-Carrizo, A. (in press). Responsible Consumption and Sustainability: Case Studies from Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Marketing and Behavioral Economics. Book Series “Springer Texts in Business and Economics”. Springer.

Libro (2023)

Galan-Ladero, M.M.; Alves, H.M. (in press). Social Marketing & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Case Studies for a Global Perspective. Book Series “Springer Texts in Business and Economics”. Springer.

Libro (2022)

Galan-Ladero, M.; Sanchez-Hernandez, I. (Eds.) (2022): Tendencias del Comercio Exterior. El Caso de Extremadura. 3ª Edición. Madrid: Delta Publicaciones.

Libro (2021)

Fernandez-Ferrin, P.; Galan-Ladero, M.M.; Calvo-Turrientes, A.; Castro-Gonzalez, S. (2021). El Comercio Justo en Euskadi. Comportamiento y motivaciones de compra. )Medicusmundi Álava.

Libro (2021)

Galan-Ladero, M.; Rivera, R. (Eds.) (2021): Applied Social Marketing and Quality of Life. Case Studies from an International Perspective. Book Series “Applying Quality of Life Research: Best Practices”. Switzerland: Springer.

Libro (2021)

Galan-Ladero, M.; Galera-Casquet, C.; Alves, H. (Eds.) (2021): Cause-Related Marketing: Case Studies from a Global Perspective. Book Series “Classroom Companion: Business”. Switzerland: Springer.

Libro (2021)

Galan-Ladero, M.; Sanchez-Hernandez, I. (Eds.) (2021): Tendencias del Comercio Exterior. El Caso de Extremadura. 2ª Edición. Madrid: Delta Publicaciones.

Libro (2021)

García Sanz-Calcedo, J.; Janita Muñoz, M.S.; Galán Ladero, M.M. (2021): Investigación Empresarial. Guía para la organización y gestión de la investigación en la pequeña empresa. Madrid: Delta Publicaciones.

Libro (2019)

Galan, M.; Alves, H. (Eds.) (2019): Case Studies on Social Marketing. A Global Perspective. Switzerland: Springer.

Libro (2019)

Galan-Ladero, M.; Sanchez-Hernandez, I. (Eds.) (2019): Tendencias del Comercio Exterior. El Caso de Extremadura. 1ª Edición. Madrid: Delta Publicaciones.

Libro (2012)

Penelas, A.; Galera, C.; Galan, M.; Valero, V. (2012): Marketing Solidario. Marketing en las Organizaciones No Lucrativas. Madrid: Pirámide.

Capítulos de libros

  • 2022

    Bhatti, H., Galan-Ladero, M.M., Galera-Casquet, C. (2022). “Clean Hunza Project”: Responsible Consumption for a Sustainable Tourism. In: Bhattacharyya, J. (eds) Dealing with Socially Responsible Consumers. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore.


  • 2021

    Galan – Ladero, M.M.; Galan – Ladero, M.A. (2021): “Economic Profit vs. Social Benefit: An Approach to the Pharmaceutical Industry”. In Santos, J.; Pereira, I. (Eds.): Management and Marketing for Improved Competitiveness and Performance in the Healthcare Sector. USA: IGI Global.

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  • 2020

    Galan – Ladero, M.A.; Galan – Ladero, M.M.; Sanchez – Hernandez, M.I. (2020): “¿Dónde empieza y dónde acaba la responsabilidad social de las Administraciones Públicas? El caso de la Listeriosis”. In Alvarez, L.I.; Cachero, S.; Pascual, P.; Sanzo, M.J.; Viejo, N. (coord.): Experiencias Docentes Innovadoras de Marketing Público y No Lucrativo en la Era de la Economía Colaborativa. Oviedo: Universidad de Oviedo.


  • 2019

    Galan – Ladero, M.M.; Galera – Casquet, C. (2019): “Capítulo XI: Marketing para el cambio social”. In Cerdá, L.M.; Ramírez, M. (Eds.): Fundamentos para un Nuevo Marketing, pp. 251-284. Madrid: Sindéresis.



  • 2018

    Sarmento, M., Galan-Ladero, M., Marques, S. (2018). Consumer Attitudes During Periods of Economic Downturn: Embodying Responsible Behaviors. In: Martínez-López, F., Gázquez-Abad, J., Chernev, A. (eds) Advances in National Brand and Private Label Marketing. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics. Springer, Cham.



  • 2016

    Valero-Amaro, V., Galera-Casquet, C., Galan-Ladero, M.M., Barroso-Mendez, M.J. (2016). Innovation Through Work in Education for Development: The Case of the University of Extremadura. In: Leitão, J., Alves, H. (eds) Entrepreneurial and Innovative Practices in Public Institutions. Applying Quality of Life Research. Springer, Cham.


  • 2022
  • Galan-Ladero, M.M.; Sanchez-Hernández, M.I. (2022). Corporate donation behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic. A case-study approach in the multinational Inditex. Heliyon, Dec. 8 (12): e12188. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2022.e12188.
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  • 2019
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  • 2018
  • Fernandez, P.; Calvo, A.; Bande, B.; Artaraz, M.; Galan, M. (2018): “The valuation and purchase of food products that combine local, regional and traditional features: the influence of consumer ethnocentrism”. Food Quality and Preference, 64: 138-147.
  • 2017
  • Fernandez, P.; Bande, B.; Calvo, A.; Galan, M. (2017): “The Choice of Local Food Products by Young Consumers: The Importance of Public and Private Attributes”. Agribusiness. An International Journal, 33 (1): 70-84.
  • 2015
  • Galan-Ladero, M.M.; Galera-Casquet, Singh, J. (2015). Understanding factors influencing consumer attitudes toward cause-related marketing. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 20 (1), 52-70.
  • 2013
  • Galan-Ladero, M.M., Galera-Casquet, C.; Wymer, W. (2013). Attitudes towards cause-related marketing: determinants of satisfaction and loyalty. International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 10, 253–269.

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